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Seasonal Inspiration

Autumn. My favourite season. I love watching the leaves as the gentle breeze makes them rain down onto the soil to paint the most beautiful master pieces. I love looking at the leaves, appreciating each ones colour and shape. Many of them have the rich orange and red hues, but in the veins of the leave, a little of green still remains, a silent tale of what was.
The colours of Autumn always inspire me. And that inspiration, usually leads to yarn shopping. Yesterday was no different! I simply couldn’t resist the Malabrigo at I Love Yarn.

I cannot resist orange! I just can’t! But the green that caught my eye yesterday, is certainly an exception!

The best part of the day? When my friend called for a cup of coffee, and gave me this amazing balls of Albatros from Linda’s Treehouse! A whole 250g in one ball!

When last have you gone outside with no other intention but to appreciate the beauty of nature? Are you running so fast that the beauty of life is passing you by? Slow down Sally. Life is not a race. It is a journey. A beautiful journey. Stop and appreciate the colours!

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Slow Life Living – Focus on the good stuff

He came home late last night and the moment he walked in, I could see he was dead on his feet. He was at work for more than 12 hours straight. While walking to the bedroom to undress, he started telling me about his day at work. We have interesting conversations about his world at work; his world was my world for a long, long time. I used to be in IT, he is still there. I am so blessed to be home, no longer part of the rat race in the corporate world. But he still is. He provides for me, so that I can nurture him and our household.

As he walked in to the bedroom, he lifted up his foot, and put it on the bed to untie his shoe laces. Yes, ON the bed. On the bed was my knitted aran afghan, and a Moroccan silk throw that cost quite a pretty penny. I didn’t want a dirty shoe on either of those. In a split second, I had to decide between moaning, and keeping quiet. I chose to keep quiet.

Let me give you a small piece of advice. If you choose to focus on negative issues, negative issues will be all that you see eventually. If you start complaining about one annoying habit your partner has, you will start to notice all the others. If you start to nag about those, your marriage will probably fall apart. When we are young, we think we are perfect. As we grow older, we realise how little we know, and how insignificant we are in the bigger scheme of things. My afghan wasn’t important. My silk throw wasn’t important. My husband, willing to share his day with me – that was important.

This morning, I sat and wondered how to solve my little problem. The yarn in my afghan was expensive, and the labour was many hours. There had to be a way for me to enjoy using the afghans I had made, without becoming the proverbial dripping tap about where he puts his foot when he takes his shoe off.

I went to the habby shop! Three meters of upholstery fabric @ R55 pm, solved my problem.



 Yes it is a bit too big; we are currently sleeping on the queen size bed from the spare room. We gave our bedroom suite to our son, and our new king size bed will only be here at the end of the month. I bought it for the big bed, not the temporary one. It has all my happy colours in, and then some more! I love it.

Problem solved. When it’s dirty, I can wash it. If worn out, I can replace it.

Take my advice; there is a reason King Solomon wrote about a nagging wife and compared her to a dripping tap. Don’t be like that. Don’t focus on the negative issues. Focus on the positive ones. Make a small plan with the negatives ones.

The GOOD stuff in your relationship, deserves all the attention! Focus on the good stuff. I have a wonderful, God-given husband. That, is GOOD.


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Slow Life Living – Making your own hand wash

What is slow life living? It is a new phrase that I decided to embrace and make my own. It is mindful living. Mindful of the environment, mindful of people, mindful of animals. When you start to measure every action in your life against being mindful, you will be surprised to see how much room for improvement there is.

My husband is blessed to have hands the size of banana bunches. I am serious. Small soaps get lost in there, and it frustrates him to no end. He will use a new bar of soap until it gets too small, then I continue to use it until it starts to frustrate me too. Unfortunately, he uses a lot more soap than I do. Uhm, well, he is quite a bit bigger than me! He has a lot more surface to wash! So there was quite a collection in the shower already.

We all have those old bars of soap lying around. My mom throws hers in between her folded clothing to repel insects. Some people put their old bars of soap in their yarn stashes, for the same reason. I don’t like the soapy smell in my yarn, or in my closet. So I came up with another idea.

I collected all the old, small soap bars, and tossed them in my liquidizer.

Some pure glycerin, bought from Dischem was added too.

I let it run five times, for a minute each time. In between I gave it a minute’s rest. You can stick your finger into the soap (when the blender is switched off obviously) to feel the consistency of the soap. If it is feels grainy, let it run some more.

A quick test to feel what it feels like if I wash my hands with it…. SUCCESS!

My hand wash pump bottle is filled to the brim! And those little soaps would have been thrown away otherwise. In the one bathroom, was a pump bottle with a little bit of Dettol hand wash in. I simply added mine, and gave it a shake up. Now instead of clear orange soap, in that jar is the most beautiful peachy colour hand wash.

Repurposing items, and recycling items, are part of slow life living.

I love my slow life.