Wacky Weave Squares CAL

Starting Date: 1 April 2018

Duration: 3 months (April to June)

Where: Facebook – Ilona Slow Life Creations

What: That depends on you! You can make a throw, or a small afghan!

Yarn: MoYa Cotton DK

Kit: Order your kits directly from Moya by sending an email here:
ask your local yarn store to order it for you.

How: Training manual, written patterns and tutorial videos is available – click HERE

Welcome to Wacky Weave! If you haven’t worked through the training manual, and watched the video, I suggest you do that now.

Each square will be released in a pdf of its own. A combined file of all the squares will be too bulky!

Enjoy! Remember to post photos of your project everywhere on social media. We want to get interlocking trending in the world of crochet.

Please use #wackyweavesquares with all your social media posts.

Square Patterns

Wacky Weave Squares Block 1

Wacky Weave Squares Block 2

Wacky Weave Squares Block 3

Wacky Weave Squares Block 4

Wacky Weave Squares Block 5

Wacky Weave Squares Block 6

Wacky Weave Squares Block 7

Wacky Weave Squares Block 8

Wacky Weave Squares Block 9

Wacky Weave Squares Block 10

Wacky Weave Squares Block 11

Wacky Weave Squares Block 12

Joining the Squares

Now you have all the squares. What is next? Well you have to join, and you have to do a border.

Let’s start with the join first.
Here are two possible lay-outs you could use. The first one looks random, but it isn’t really. It’s been planned to look very random, but it’s well balanced.

If you need more ‘order’, then the second one may be better for you. Here we have colour stripes.

The third option, is to pack your squares out, and shuffle them around, until you are happy with what you see.

Once you have your lay-out the way you want it, you have to join the squares. Visit my Joining the Squares Manual to choose your join method. Recommended is the Slip-Stitch in the front, also known as the Flat Zipper Join. Lacy joins won’t work well, due to the weight of the interlocking. A firm join is highly recommended.

The Border

In The Crochet Guide to Greatness, I dedicated an entire chapter to the tug-of-war that happens in a crochet project. I suggest you read that before you make a final decision on your border. I only did a couple of hdc rows to ‘frame’ the chaotic inside. It looks beautiful. I strongly advice that you steer clear of intricate and lacy border designs. Keep it simple. Less is more with a project such as this.

I hope this wasn’t your last interlocking project. Remember, Wacky Weave Babette starts in August 2018. Join us!

My patterns are free, however, please consider a donation via Paypal. Every bit helps to keep the patterns coming!