Wacky Weave Babette CAL

After the run-away success of Wacky Weave Squares, we simply had to do another interlocking CAL, this time, a babette.

There are 27 block designs. Of those 27, 26 are used twice, resulting in a babette with 53 blocks.

You will need 28x 50g balls in the main colour, and 4x 50g balls in each of the 6 contrast colours.

I love giving each crafter a feature with which a pattern can be personalised. With this CAL, you can number your colours the way you want, choose which join method you want to use, and choose how you want to do the border.

Training manual, written patterns and tutorial videos is available – click HERE






Joining the Squares

Here is the joining diagram. 

Visit my Joining the Squares Manual to choose your join method. Recommended is the Slip-Stitch in the front, also known as the Flat Zipper Join. Lacy joins won’t work well, due to the weight of the interlocking. A firm join is highly recommended.

The Border

In The Crochet Guide to Greatness, I dedicated an entire chapter to the tug-of-war that happens in a crochet project. I suggest you read that before you make a final decision on your border. I only did a couple of hdc rows to ‘frame’ the chaotic inside. It looks beautiful. I strongly advice that you steer clear of intricate and lacy border designs. Keep it simple. Less is more with a project such as this.

I hope this wasn’t your last interlocking project. Remember, Wacky Weave Log Cabin starts in March 2019. Join us!


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