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Slow Life Living – Making your own hand wash

What is slow life living? It is a new phrase that I decided to embrace and make my own. It is mindful living. Mindful of the environment, mindful of people, mindful of animals. When you start to measure every action in your life against being mindful, you will be surprised to see how much room for improvement there is.

My husband is blessed to have hands the size of banana bunches. I am serious. Small soaps get lost in there, and it frustrates him to no end. He will use a new bar of soap until it gets too small, then I continue to use it until it starts to frustrate me too. Unfortunately, he uses a lot more soap than I do. Uhm, well, he is quite a bit bigger than me! He has a lot more surface to wash! So there was quite a collection in the shower already.

We all have those old bars of soap lying around. My mom throws hers in between her folded clothing to repel insects. Some people put their old bars of soap in their yarn stashes, for the same reason. I don’t like the soapy smell in my yarn, or in my closet. So I came up with another idea.

I collected all the old, small soap bars, and tossed them in my liquidizer.

Some pure glycerin, bought from Dischem was added too.

I let it run five times, for a minute each time. In between I gave it a minute’s rest. You can stick your finger into the soap (when the blender is switched off obviously) to feel the consistency of the soap. If it is feels grainy, let it run some more.

A quick test to feel what it feels like if I wash my hands with it…. SUCCESS!

My hand wash pump bottle is filled to the brim! And those little soaps would have been thrown away otherwise. In the one bathroom, was a pump bottle with a little bit of Dettol hand wash in. I simply added mine, and gave it a shake up. Now instead of clear orange soap, in that jar is the most beautiful peachy colour hand wash.

Repurposing items, and recycling items, are part of slow life living.

I love my slow life.

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3 thoughts on “Slow Life Living – Making your own hand wash

  1. Thanks for that idea, I’ve been collecting my old soap in a bottle because it seemed such a waste to just bin it. Admittedly, I use it until it is very tiny so there’s not really much there but I just couldn’t throw it away. Not sure mom would be awfully thrilled with me using her blender but it will be a while before I have sufficient bits to make decent quantity.

    1. The blender gets a nice wash! It’s soap!

  2. Baie dankie Hilda. Ek wou al lankal my eie handwas maak, maar kon nog net nie die regte resep vind nie. Nou gaan ek dit probeer. Mooi dag vir jou.

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