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Wacky Weave Temperature Blanket 2019

This year has gone way too fast, and it sure isn’t slowing down towards the end either! We have to start planning our projects for next year. And if you want to make a temperature blanket with me, we have to start planning that NOW!

I decided to make a temperature blanket in Wacky Weave, for my super king size bed. There is no other way that I will ever crochet a blanket big enough for that bed, if I don’t do it one row a day. Every time I start a new CAL, I tell myself that I will just make the blanket bigger for myself afterwards, and it never happens. So a temperature blanket is the way forward.

So let’s start planning! I will ask you some questions to get you thinking, and then I will tell you what I am doing just in case my decision helps yours.

Yarn Questions

  • What yarn are you going to use?
  • Have you worked with it before?
  • Do you know how it will behave afterwards with this technique?
  • What is the budget for this project? (Luckily we can spread the costs out over an entire year! Yeee-haaa)
  • Is the yarn wash-friendly? (You don’t want to hand-wash a super king size blanket. (Just trust me on this okay?)

I am going to use Moya Cotton as normal. I have done so many projects with Moya. It remains my favourite cotton in the entire world. And…. here is the best part….. with MoYa Cotton, you can throw that blanket in the washing machine and in the tumble drier. It will come out as fat and fluffy as if it is brand new.¬†Moya is affordable too. With the size of my blanket, that is a very important point.

Keep the following points in mind before you decide on a yarn:

  • The yarn must be SMOOTH; textured yarn is not suitable for interlocking.
  • The colours must be in stark contrast, otherwise the patterns disappear.
  • If you are going to use a variegated yarn, make sure the colour of the partner yarn doesn’t feature anywhere in the variegated yarn. If it does, the stitch pattern will be lost.

Colour Questions

  • How many colours are you going to use?
  • How are you going to allocate colours to your temperatures?
  • Are you going to use minimum or maximum temperatures?

And…. as always, I continue with my colour colour combo! My entire house has these colours. I can move my decor items around in my house and each item will fit in perfectly, regardless of where I place it. I always work in these colours when I am doing decor items for my house.

Size Questions

  • How big is your blanket going to be?
  • Have you made a swatch with the yarn you want to use, using an interlocking pattern stitch?
  • Do you know how many windows you will need to get the correct width and length?

I have been interlocking with MoYa for a couple of years now. I know that an interlocking window is exactly 1cm with a 3.5mm hook. I want to make a blanket of at least 2.5m x 2.5m. (Yes I know I am nuts. You are not telling me anything new).

That means I want about 250 windows in the width. If I want a square blanket, I need the same number of windows in the length. 250. But a year has 365 days. Now what? Well, a year has 52 weeks. That means 52 weekends. 104 days. I am excluding weekends. That leaves me with 261 days. But 261 is a difficult number to do patterns with. So I am going to make my afghan with 260 windows in the width and in the length (starting chain 524 – holy moly).

Other Considerations

I cannot use the same stitch pattern for an entire year. It will drive me insane with boredom. At least the colours will change (hopefully). I decided to use a stitch pattern for a month. So each month, I will change the stitch pattern. The colours will change as the temperatures vary. I will make two stitch patterns available at the start of each month next year. The one pattern will be in multiples of 4 windows, the other 5. With my number of windows (260) I will be able to use either. You have to make sure that you starting windows will be in multiples of either 4 or 5.

Are you joining me? I hope so!

If you haven’t yet joined my Facebook Group, do so now! 2019 is going to be a great year!




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5 thoughts on “Wacky Weave Temperature Blanket 2019

  1. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Hallo Hilda gaan jy 7 kleure he en een hoof kleur

    1. 6 kleure plus hoofkleur. Dieselfde kleure as wat ek in Babette gebruik het.

  3. How is your temperature blanket going? Did you manage to keep up to date with it? Are you doing a row a day or do you have to catch up a few days at a time? Do you have any pictures to post? What about an update now we are half way through the year?

    1. Oh dear. I fell behind when we went to New Zealand and I just couldn’t catch it up again. I actually looked at it this week and decided to put it away until next year. Bad, bad, bad, I know!

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