I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 4 years old. I have Aspergers (high functioning Autism) and my hands that were always fidgeting, freaked my father out. My mother taught me to knit and crochet, to keep my hands busy. It works to this day!

My mom never taught me to use a pattern. Everything we made, were our own designs. If my mom had the same technology we have now, she would have been famous. That is where my passion for designing comes from. Add to that my obsession with yarn and natural fibre, and you will begin to understand my world.

Because of the Aspergers, my social interaction normally ends up with people being offended, and me scratching my head wondering why. Please keep that in mind; I seldom mean to offend. It just happens.

I am a Christian. If you are not religious, don’t sweat it. We can agree to disagree and still craft together. I don’t walk around Bible-bashing people. There are a few non-believers in this group for whom I have a lot of time, so don’t worry about it.

I have four blogs you can follow:
Ilona Slow Life Creations is my craft blog; subscribe using the widget on the right.

A broom for my Brain is my Christian blog, and yes, I have atheist followers. And I love them dearly. https://broomformybrain.wordpress.com/

My next blog is an Afrikaans one; the Dutch people in the group might enjoy it. It is fairly new – I need to blog about people, just to get them out of my head.

When everything goes wrong and I have trouble to express myself, I write poems. A few of the many that I have written, have made it to my last blog.

Welcome in my world. I hope you will enjoy the slow life with me.