Tiny Tropical Trio

I wonder how many times I have seen parents buy an old fashioned, French knitting spool for a child, and I stood there knowing this is going to demotivate the child completely. Most people give a child a French knitting spool, or a small loom, and the child never gets the satisfaction to see a complete project that can be used. Soon they lose interest in the thing, and somehow, they always lose interest in yarn craft as a whole. That to me, is sad.

This project is for all those children who have slaved away at a French knitting spool, without ever making anything useful. If this is your child I am writing about, go and dig out that long worm of French knitting hiding in the closet somewhere. Take it out and have a go at this pattern. Or make it a family project. The children can French knit, and you can make the cushion covers. Just think of all the fun you will have!

French knitting is not just for children, nor is it only suitable to make potholders with!

Please note – I don’t have children in the house anymore. So I had to do it all myself. As such, I got a French Knitting Mill so that it would go fast. And it did! I love it!

The covers are for scatter cushions 30x30cm in size, made from MoYa Plume Lace.

I am only giving the directions for the covers, you have to be creative and figure out a way in which to secure the covers. I made some i-chord flowers for mine, and secured them with a loop. What amazing ideas are you going to think up? I can’t wait to see.

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