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The way forward…

For a while now I have been contemplating leaving Facebook completely. To say it makes me anxious at times, is a major understatement. To say it makes me bat-shit-crazy-angry at times, is maybe a better description.
I don’t enjoy Facebook. I really don’t. The reasons are multiple:
People post fake news all the time and in our political unstable country, it causes a lot of harm, something some people just cannot fathom (and these people are allowed to vote and have children by the way).
I don’t want to be bombarded with people shouting racism, genocide, political crap etc. Sick of it.
I want to have a slow life, filled with peace. Peace and calm is what I want and strive for. And Facebook steals my peace daily.
Unfortunately, some people think they are ‘faceless’ on FB. They say the meanest things, in the most horrible ways. They commit copyright infringement. They commit pattern theft. They gossip and slander designers who have worked damn hard to get where they are. Between yesterday and this morning, my anger hit the roof big time. Unnecessarily so probably. I shouldn’t have reacted. But I did.
So here is the thing. I have been thinking of this for a long time, which is why the current CAL patterns are only released on my website and not in my Facebook group. I am slowly backing out the FB door.
Follow me on Instagram – that is a safer platform for me right now. I am overwhelmed with FB. Make sure you have subscribed to my blog if you haven’t already done so. If you received this post in your email inbox, you are already subscribed. If not, just visit my website; there is a subscribe box on the right hand side. 
All the news in the future will be posted here on my blog. And don’t worry; my project timeline remains as is. I am going to spend my time designing as it makes me happy. FB just wastes my time.
I hope you all understand.
Onwards to the slow life!
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1 thought on “The way forward…

  1. This is exactly why I left FB and stayed with IG – I find my tribe on IG to be so much more supportive and encouraging and honest about what I post.
    BTW – I’m loving your blog – it almost makes me feel like I should get back into blogging but I fear my love of crocheting would make it a non-starter – LOL

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